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" Art that soothes the mind and soul"


About Me

Hi! My name is Elizabeth Karlson.

I am an artist and multi-passionate creative.

I am deeply influenced by nature and the world around me. I love to travel and be in the beautiful outdoors. Nature is full of colors and textures, so I find inspiration everywhere.

Spreading happiness, tranquility and positivity to the world one artwork at a time. 

Artist Statement

With the chaos that surrounds our everyday lives, I like to hope that my artwork provides an escape, if only for a moment. Deeply influenced by nature and emotions, my paintings are full color, texture and a calming energy. A release of my own personal thoughts, emotions and inspirations. Each piece is completely unique. Colorful, moody, calm, or vibrant, the colors of each painting interact to create an ethereal scene and evoke a unique set of emotions for the viewer. Each person will feel, and see something different.


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Original Art Shop

Own a one of a kind original artwork. Available in a variety of colors and sizes. Click to shop my available art and my newest collection!

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Print Shop

Looking for beautiful art at an amazing price? Look no further, a print is perfect for you. A wide array of sizes and designs to choose from!



One Of A Kind Chicago: December 7-10 The Mart

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Rockford,IL Metro Area

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