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Hi my name is Lizzi (Elizabeth) and I am a contemporary abstract artist creating calming ethereal paintings and wall art.

I have always loved art. I’ve been drawing since I could hold a crayon in my chubby toddler hands. As I’ve grown I have experimented with a lot of different mediums. In college, I studied Studio Arts- focusing in ceramics. I also studied art history, I took every art history class that my university offered. I was completely focused and immersed into a life full of art. After I graduated, going from totally immersed life of art and education to putting my art on the back burner, I felt lost.


         Things started changing when my now husband and I bought our house, I finally had room to experiment and play with my art. I had room for my kiln and to blossom. Our second garage became my studio, along with 2, sometimes 3 other rooms in our house! 


          I was scrolling through Instagram one day and saw an artist working with alcohol inks. I had never heard of this type of ink and had an inner feeling that I had to get my hands on some. I bought some inks and from that summer day in 2017, my life began changing. The way the inks flow and move awakened a fire and desire inside me I never knew I had for abstract art. In the past, I always liked abstract art, but I had never been happy with anything I made myself, that sure changed.  Flowing billows and ripples of translucent colors, mixing and dancing together, like silk in the wind. I have been able to find my own style, love of abstraction and experiment in a medium that is completely new. 


          There is so much chaos in life and the world that I hope to bring a calming and happy feeling to anyone that views my work, a brief moment of tranquility. My artwork is influenced not only nature with so many different colors and textures, buy by my inner emotions, by music and by the world around me.  Thank you for following along on my journey. 

          If you like my work, please feel free to check out my shop in the tab above and check out my Instagram. If you want to join me on my journey please sign up for my email newsletter for updates, new collections, events and more!  If you see something in my shop that's almost perfect to what you want or you have a wild idea you'd like to see come to life, I always welcome commissions. Let me make your ideas come to life! Just hit the contact tab above, email me!  

Poplar Grove, IL

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