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Blindfolded Intuition Challenge

Blindfolded Intuition Experiment/Challenge


So I've had this crazy idea that I've been thinking about lately. It's odd and messy and possibly a disaster but I wanted to see how different I would paint if I relied on my own personal intuition instead of focusing on details and colors and making sure everything is perfect. I decided to try out my idea last night and posted it on my Instagram Stories... I painted blindfolded.

For this challenge I set up a blank canvas with my inks and various other materials scattered around the canvas.

With my blow dryer next to me and a black blindfold across my face, I began to paint.

You don't realize how weird and hard it is to paint when you can't see. And it's so difficult to paint when you' re a perfectionist and have to relinquish control. While I was painting, I was feeling around for my inks and materials that I wanted, trying not to knock everything over and make a giant mess.

Eyes watering from the blindfold, I kept painting, extremely impatient, because I didn't know what my painting looked like or what colors I had chosen. I would drop inks, feel around on my canvas to try to find the liquid and move it around with my hairdryer or a silicone spatula like brush. I continued painting until I got a feeling that I should stop.

I took the blindfold off and the reveal was SO surprising! The colors that I chose worked together nicely and the metallics matched with the colors too!

I would never paint like this usually, it was less detail oriented and more about the colors blending and working together. Yes there are things that I would change on this, but I won't because that would ruin the whole point of this experiment.

I posted a video on my Instagram of the process. I know in the video it doesn't show my face but there is a millisecond at the end where I turned the camera around to show that I was still blindfolded. And if you think that the whole process seems fake, there was a casualty and I knocked over a brand new bottle of ink and it spilled everywhere! My hands are still stained today.

I highly recommend trying this little experiment out for yourself. You might learn a lot and be SO surprised by the result like I was! So grab a canvas or surface to paint on, some paints, inks or whatever material you work in and some sort of blindfold to put over your eyes and get to work!

If you do try this out, please tag me in your photo @elizabethkarlsonart or #EKartchallenge. If you're not on social medias feel free to email me at!

Good luck if you try this and thank you for reading and supporting my crazy art journey!

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