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Ascend Chicago 2019 + Rachel Hollis!

I did something big and brave yesterday...

Yesterday I went to the Ascend Chicago 2019 business/entrepreneurial conference... ALL.BY.MYSELF!

I got up early, even though I went to bed late as usual. Hello night owl life. I almost didn't go because I wasn't sure how legit the conference was, the tickets seemed too cheap and the line up seemed too good. I mean umm Rachel Hollis, Dean Graziosi, Kevin O'Leary, I mean come on for tickets starting at $29 I was skeptical. I was hesitant and wasn't sure but my husband made me get up and go, thanks B.

So I had to be brave. That was my mantra yesterday. A constant pep talk cycle in my head, you got this girl, be brave, you'll be okay. I drove to Chicago and of course I hit the nightmare morning rush hour traffic.

Let me preface this by saying, I DO NOT drive a lot of places. I'm always shot gun and I for 1 have NEVER drove in Chicago and 2 never drove in Chicago rush hour by myself! So here I am trying not to have a panic attack, mental breakdown or let me anxiety swallow me as I'm driving. I finally made it, and luckily in one piece... and I was SO surprised by how many people there were.

So I walked in to the arena not sure how the day would pan out. I wanted to gain more insight into growing my business. I'm not only an artist but remember I have a business too, and I'm trying to be one heck of a boss girl.

I found a seat, of course in the back row on an aisle seat so I can flee at any moment, hello anxious life... and got out my notebook and pen and started taking notes. I learned about stocks, and the knowledge industry and received great information and great encouragement. I did this solo. There were 4500 people there and I went by myself. If you know me this was a HUGE thing for me to do. I like working alone but when I'm out in public or going anywhere I like to have someone with me and have never gone alone to anything in my adult life.

The main keynote speaker I was there to see was Mrs. Rachel Hollis. I've read both her Girl, Wash Your Face and Girl, Stop Apologizing books and let me tell you. She does not disappoint! She was an amazing speaker and so motivating. I think the comment that she said that had the most impact on me was, "people say you only live once. No that's not true you only DIE once, you LIVE EVERYDAY." Like mind blowing. I've grown a lot this past year and I'm trying to live in the moment more and do the best I can everyday and not just plan my future. But enjoy everyday while I can.

So overall yesterday was a success. Driving home was a breeze with no traffic, THANK GOD, and I learn some valuable information. I'm definitely interested in attending one of Rachel's RISE events. But, I think I'll bring someone with me to enjoy it too.

So moral of my story: be brave, step out of your comfort zone-even if it's a baby step, and don't let fear hold you back from opportunities. By the way if no one's told you lately... you've got this. Now go kick ass, create the life you want to live, and shine bright.

Go, Create, Shine.

xx, E

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